Our last hopes for Google’s new watches

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Google was supposed to release Android Wear 2.0 in October, and we all know that didn’t happen. However, they’ve been planning something even bigger: Their own watches. Finally, the day will come tomorrow when we see why Google has delayed so long.

On January 27, Twitter leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks) showed us some pictures of LG and Google’s new “Style” offering. Instruction manuals for the watch have also been leaked, and wireless charging seems to be included.

The Sport variant will have a 1.38 inch 480*480 screen, and the Style variant will sport (see what I did there?) a 1.2 inch, 360*360 display. The sport will be $350, and the style will be $250.

But you didn’t come here for specs. You came for opinions, ideas, and hopes. Here are mine.

I hope both watches have always-on heart rate monitors. Many other fitness tracker and smartwatch companies have included this feature, so why shouldn’t Google? From the leaked images, it looks like at least the Style won’t have a heart rate sensor, which is disappointing. If the Sport doesn’t either, well… you finish that sentence.

I also hope Android Wear 2.0 is a lot better and brings a completely new UI. I have a Huawei watch running Android Wear 1.5, and I’ve been ready for 2.0 for a while. I even would have used the beta if it wouldn’t have voided my warranty.

Compatibility with Android Pay is also an obligatory feature, one that Apple somehow managed to release first. Compatibility with the new Hands-Free system would be great as well!

Some more nice features I hope (and know) we will get with Android Wear 2.0 are a full keyboard for quick replies to texts, customizable complications on watch faces, more native digital watch faces, and better reliability, which is a big problem for me now.

If someone texts me and I want to reply with something more complicated than “yes,” “no,” or “ok,” using my voice often takes over 30 seconds to respond or doesn’t work at all. This is a problem that needs to be fixed immediately.

As for my other feature requests, most of them have already been confirmed by Google. At this point, I just really want new software, especially because I think it will once again re-energize consumers who don’t have a smartwatch purely because they don’t like the software and the features.

So, Google, please impress us tomorrow. It’s going to be an exciting day, and the tech world can’t wait. Bring on your first Android Wear watches!

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