The Spin-Up Show Episode 4 Show Notes (3/5/17)

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Link to live broadcast

Important announcement: Check @newimprovedtech on Twitter often to see updates about the show. In addition, show notes will now be posted in advance on the site so viewers can follow along.

This week for NAI:

  • Two new articles: GTX 1080 Ti (we beat The Verge by 2 minutes) and iPhone probably won’t have USB-C
  • Alex’s first video, Sonos Play:1 review
  • 35 subscribers on YouTube


  • GTX 1080 Ti announced:
    • 11GB of GDDR5X VRAM
    • 11 Gbps memory speed
    • New seven-phase power delivery system
    • $699 and will be available this week
  • AWS S3 Failure:
    • S3 storage servers were taken down on accident
    • A dev made a typo, accidentally restarting more servers than intended
    • Those restarted servers caused more servers to shut down, even taking down the elastic EC2 storage
    • Huge sites like IFTTT, Quora, New and Improved, and Trello were down
    • Problem solved in the course of 4 hours
    • Amazon is taking special measures to make it harder for this to ever happen again
    • Article on this coming soon
  • Uber’s VP of product and growth has left the company:
    • Ed Baker has resigned
    • Uber didn’t comment
    • Daniel Graf, Uber’s head of marketplace, will stand in for the time being
    • Article: “I have always wanted to apply my experience in technology and growth to the public sector,” Baker wrote in an email to employees, obtained by Recode. “And now seems like the right moment to get involved.”
  • New Overwatch “hero,” Orisa:
    • Playable now on public test
    • “‘Mechanical peacekeeper’ from the land of Numbani”
    • “My name is Orisa.  I will keep you safe.  That is my primary function”
    • She “provides barriers to shield her side from opposing attacks”
    • Not yet available on console
  • Nintendo Switch cartridges are designed to taste bad:
    • “Definitely something that you shouldn’t try out of idle curiosity”
    • Nintendo said “To avoid the possibility of accidental ingestion, keep the game card away from young children. A bittering agent (Denatonium Benzoate) has also been applied to the game card. This bittering agent is non-toxic.”
      • Denatonium Benzoate is said to be the most bitter chemical compound known
        • Commonly used in nail-biting prevention and shampoos and soaps
    • Watch the Kotaku video, it’s really funny
  • Google increases Gmail’s attachment limit to 50MB:
    • Previous limit was 25MB
    • New 50MB limit is still cumulative
    • Google blog post: “While Google Drive offers a convenient way to share files of any size, sometimes you need to receive large files as direct email attachments.”
    • Doesn’t work for me as of last night
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Since I was a small child, everything tech has interested me. A few years ago, I started watching tech YouTube and after putting two and two together and meeting Alex, we started creating New and Improved.

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