The Spin-Up Show Episode 10 Show Notes (5/1/17)

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TCL announces the launch date for the Blackberry KEYone:

  • Fast spec read
  • Preorders available in Canada starting May 18 with launch on May 31
    • $549
    • Both CDMA and GSM unlocked versions will be available
  • US availability confirmed
  • Q1 was Samsung’s second-best quarter ever:
    • Samsung generated $48.5 billion in revenue
      • Profits at $8.7 billion
    • Most of Samsung’s profit came from component sales
      • Eg: Selling OLED displays to Apple
  • The government of Cameroon has restored citizens’ internet:
    • Internet was out for three months
    • Kah Walla, “a Cameroonian activist and 2011 presidential candidate” said, “The internet and social media were key in mobilizing and organizing this movement. I believe this prompted the government to shut down the net.”
    • Citizens risked up to two years in prison and a 10 million Central African CFA franc fine for publicizing unprovable information on social media
    • People created small internet centers for people who didn’t have access
    • Many companies, including Orange, had a 20% revenue drop during the period
    • Internet was restored on April 21
    • Minister of Communication in Cameroon: The government “reserve[s] the right to restrict internet moving forward if citizens misuse it”
    • Talk about Net Neutrality and if internet is a basic human right
  • Wikipedia has been blocked in Turkey:
    • Only China currently blocks Wikipedia
    • Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, has responded, saying that “access to information is a fundamental human right” and that he will always stand with Turkey to fight for equal access to information
    • Turkey wants:
      • Wikipedia to open an office in Turkey
      • To remove content that says that Turkey is a “supporter of terror”
    • If Turkey’s demands are fulfilled, they will unblock Wikipedia
    • In the meantime, Wikipedia still works through a VPN
  • The fifth season of Orange is the New Black has been leaked:
    • The hacker who stole the episodes is called The Dark Overlord
    • The first episode was uploaded to file sharing services
      • The rest of the episodes are available on The Pirate Bay
    • TDO had previously stated that they wouldn’t release the shows publicly because “no one really [cares] about unreleased movies and TV show episodes”
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