The Spin-Up Show Episode 5 Show Notes (3/12/17)

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Link to live broadcast

This week for NAI:

  • 38 (one unsubscribed) subscribers on YouTube
  • Two new articles: I don’t mind if the CIA is hacking me and What is Bitcoin?
  • New video: Top 10 Smartphone Accessories Under $20


  • NASA locates a lunar spacecraft that went dark 8 years ago:
    • India launched it’s first unmanned lunar spacecraft, which they lost soon after
      • Chandrayaan-1
    • There was also a lost NASA ship, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO)
    • Both were recently found using a new radar system and a lot of math
    • Finding LRO was easy since it is big
    • The Indian orbiter was much harder since it is around half the size of a smart car
  • New NASA budget focuses mainly on space and getting humans to Mars:
    • Congress passed a bill that gives NASA $19.5 Billion yearly for space travel and science
    • Mandatory milestones like pushing through its Orion and SLS programs
    • Get humans on or close to Mars by 2030
    • Other projects funded like the asteroid redirect program, which entails catching near-earth asteroids
      • Possibly for space mining
  • Google’s invisible CAPTCHA doesn’t need to ask if you’re a bot:
    • Announced at Google Next, March 8-10
    • Based on other cues, Google would be able to tell if traffic was bot traffic or human traffic
    • Anyone using Tor or a VPN could be interpreted as “suspicious” and required to still do the CAPTCHA
  • Google is making a lot of improvements to Hangouts:
    • Splitting into Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat
    • Chat will look a lot like Slack
      • You can search in-app
      • There will also be app-scripts for bots (mention IFTTT bot app for Slack)
      • Meet uses less system resources and allows up to 30 participants
        • No plugin required for Chrome or Firefox, but Edge and Safari do need one since they don’t use WebRTC
    • Will be freemium (ugh)
    • Talk about Allo, Duo, and Hangout
  • Razer zVault:
    • Pilot program has had over 370,000 transactions using zGold currency
    • 100 units of currency per dollar deposited
    • zGold nets users discount of up to 15% and free games
    • Talk about electric currency: is this that?
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Zachary Sherman

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