Zachary’s Desk Setup Tour Early 2017

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For a few years, I’ve been working on my desk setup, trying to make it the best it can possibly be. I’m far from that point, but since I realized recently I hadn’t done a setup tour on the channel yet, it’s time to do one. So, without further ado, here is my setup tour early 2017 edition.

I’ll start off with the desk itself, then move from the left to the right. In addition, all the products mentioned are linked at the end of this article for your convenience. Let’s get started!

Since I wanted a thick white desk, I chose two Ikea Linnmon table tops. So far, they have been very strong, and I don’t think they will break anytime soon. Holding up one side of each desk is the ever so popular Alex drawer unit, and the other sides are held up by Adils table legs. I use three Ikea Signums for cable management (and trust me, there are a lot of cables to manage!), and I use an Alex monitor riser as my laptop dock and charging station.

On the left of my desk is my Printrbot Simple Metal 2014 3D printer. It’s really helpful and fun, and I would definitely recommend it. I’m trying to make it whiter to match my setup’s theme, so I think I’ll buy some white vinyl and try to wrap the printer.

Moving along, I have an Android acrylic lamp. I made it last year on a school program, and I really like the way it turned out. It adds some extra color to the setup, as well as adding to my setup’s Android theme.

Next to the lamp is a shelf unit containing many of the cool things I’ve 3D printed. I’m hoping to swap them out soon for Android mini collectibles, so I’ll be sure to let you know if I do. In addition, this is a good time to mention the numerous led strips I have on this shelf, behind the monitors, and under the desk. They also add some more color.

My headphones are Audio Technica ATH-M50x’s, and I put a Dbrand skin on them to match my desk color. They sound and feel great, which is why I chose them for my desk. The headphones sit on a JustMobile HeadStand, which is a great headphone stand, if a little pricey. I spray painted it white to match better, and the paint has stayed on very well.

My monitors are LG 24MP88HV-S 1080p 24 inch panels (great name, LG). They hang on an Ergotech monitor stand. I’m also thinking about wrapping its pole in white vinyl. In front of the monitors is a 3D printed Android figurine that I’ll be swapping out for an official one sometime soon.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, inside the Alex riser is a Dell DisplayLink Docking Station that I use to plug in all three of my displays, headphones, and other USB devices.

My laptop, which is currently powering my desk setup, is a Dell XPS 13 from 2015. While it’s certainly not brand new, it does a fine job of powering everything I need it to. In the future, I’ll be upgrading to a custom built PC, but for now, this serves my purposes. My laptop is also skinned by Dbrand to match the theme, and I really like how it came out.

On the right of the Alex riser is a charging station for all my gadgets. It’s really easy to keep them powered up, which I appreciate. All the charging cables are plugged into an Anker PowerPort 5 which sits in the previously mentioned Ikea Signum.

My peripherals of choice are the Logitech HD615 webcam and a Logitech MX Master mouse. This mouse has been amazing for video editing and general computer work, and it’s certainly worth every penny. I have the Microsoft Desktop 2000 wireless keyboard, but my next upgrade will definitely be a mechanical keyboard. Right now, my eye is on the Corsair K95 Platinum with white PBT keycaps and Cherry MX Brown switches. I’d really appreciate any feedback you might have on this decision. My mouse and keyboard are on a white extended mouse mat from Glorious PC Gaming Race. I also have a small USB hub glued under my desk so I can plug in flash drives and other small usb devices without a hassle.

As for other Android items, I have two posters that I designed as well as a laser cut and painted Android piece. These help tie in the theme and bring a presence to my setup.

So what are my goals for my setup? As I’ve previously mentioned, I want to build a custom PC. I also want to add a lot more Android decorations, including more collectibles and maybe even a custom printed Android rug. I also want to get a new keyboard, and if I can, I’d like to replace my mouse and headphones for their white versions. I’m really trying to make my setup have more of a theme, which I think is really important for a great desk setup.

That’s about it. I hope you have a better sense of what makes my setup what it is! I have many goals for the future, and if I’ve changed a lot about my setup by the end of the year, I’ll make another setup tour video detailing those changes.

In addition, if you have any questions or comments, please share them in the comments section. I really like getting feedback, whether positive or constructive, on my setup, so anything is appreciated.


Links to products mentioned in this article:


Alex drawer unit:

Adils leg:


Alex monitor riser:

Printrbot Simple Metal (new version is linked here, even though I have the old version):

Android mini collectibles:

LED strips:

Audio Technica ATH-M50x:

Dbrand skins:

JustMobile HeadStand:

LG 24MP88HV-S:

Ergotech triple monitor arm:

Dell Docking Station D3100:

XPS 13 (again, I have linked the new version, even though I have the 2015 model):

Anker PowerPort 5:

Logitech HD615 webcam:

Logitech MX Master:

Microsoft Desktop 2000 keyboard:

Corsair K95 Platinum:

Glorious PC Gaming Race white mouse mat:

Small USB hub (similar to mine):

My ideal custom PC:

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