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Whether you’re a mountaineer or an engineer, you almost certainly have an everyday carry. You might not realize it, but there are things you carry with you every day without fail. For the past few years, I’ve been changing my everyday carry up and I think I’ve finally found my perfect combination.

This video is going to be split up into two parts: What I carry on my person, and what tech I bring to school. Let’s start out with part one.

For the purpose of this video, I’m going to count everything on my body that’s not clothing as part of my EDC. The most important thing I carry every day is my phone. Although my phone is eligible for an upgrade, I still have a Samsung Galaxy S5. Since I’m waiting for the S8 to launch, I haven’t upgraded yet, but you can be sure I’ll have a video on the S8 as soon as I get it. Also, subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss it! Anyway, I carry only my phone in my right pocket so I have quick access to it without worrying about other things falling out of my pocket.

In my left pocket, along with a pocket pack of tissues, I keep my Macaw T1000 Bluetooth earbuds. They don’t sound great, which is fine since I only listen to videos and podcasts, but they really do get the job done. They also have a braided cable which is nice, and their battery life is pretty good. If you’re looking for a cheap set of Bluetooth earbuds that you can replace for only $20 if they break, the Macaw T1000 is definitely a good choice. They come in really handy when I forget to bring headphones wherever I am.

Since I didn’t want to risk my earbuds breaking, I keep them in the box for my Samson Go-Mic. This box is not only the perfect size, but also the perfect hardness. It doesn’t hurt when squished against my leg, but I also feel very confident keeping my earbuds in it. In addition, I once lost this bag and when I called Samson they hooked me up with a new one.

Let’s move along to my key chain, where I store not only my keys, but also a tape measure, flash drive, and microfiber cloth. I used to store my microfiber cloth in my phone pocket, but when I decided to make my right pocket a phone-only pocket, the cloth had to go. Onto my key chain. So far, having it on the key chain doesn’t add a lot of weight and it’s still really convenient.

For now, on a clip I 3D printed, I just use a key ring to hold my key chain since my key chain is too heavy for a pull-y version. If you have a suggestion for me for a sturdy but quick release system for my keys (I’ve unfortunately already tried carabiners, but they always break after two days) I would really appreciate your help.

My watch is the Huawei Watch, and we’ll have a review of it running Android Wear 2.0 in a few weeks, but for now, I still really like it. It’s super helpful for notifications, and I think it looks really nice. On my right wrist lives a snap bracelet that used to say Sketchup, the name of a common 3D design program, but at this point, it’s really worn out and the text is all but visible. The last things I wear on my body are my glasses. I have 45/17 Johnny Jr.’s, but since you guys don’t care about that, let’s move on to part two of this video: The tech I bring to school every day.

Some of these items are rarely, if ever, used, but they are the type of gadgets that are worth having around just for that one rare time when you need to have one of them right away. I keep the items in this kit in my earbud case, since they don’t need to be protected very well.

Inside this kit, I keep a spare set of old earpods and a splitter. These are really helpful when a friend and I both want to listen to something but I forgot headphones.

I also keep a tablet stylus which is unnecessary most of time, but small enough to keep around just in case. There’s also another microfiber cloth and a micro-USB, lightning, and Apple 30-pin charging cable.

Lastly in this case I bring a USB OTG adapter for if I want to plug a storage device or peripheral into my phone, a 2GB flash drive just in case, a MicroSD to SD card adapter, and a 2GB SD card. Again, all these devices are ones I rarely use but are really helpful in a pinch.

Another device I keep with me at all times is the PNY C4400 5200mAh 2.1 amp lithium ion battery pack. Up until pretty recently I didn’t have one of these, and this thing has been great. 1 amp battery banks don’t work with my phone, so I was really glad that this 2 amp one did the trick. I also keep my earbud micro USB cable with this bank to charge my phone up.

Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that I bring along my Logitech M325 mouse for my Dell XPS 13 every day just in case I want to edit videos or photos or 3D design on the go.

So that about wraps up the things I bring with me every day. Most of these items are unnecessary most of the time, but since they’re all relatively small, they can come in really handy. What does your everyday carry look like? Be sure to let me know down in the comments section or tweet at me (@zachary3352) and let me know. I look forward to hearing about your favorite gadgets and gizmos!

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