Don’t buy Microsoft’s new Surface Arc mouse

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I’m just going to straight-up say it: That cool looking Surface Arc Mouse Microsoft just announced with the new Surface Laptop is bad.  Don’t buy it.  While it might seem great now, over the next few weeks, you’ll start to regret your purchase for a few reasons:

The ergonomics of the mouse just don’t make sense

There is nowhere to rest a pinky or thumb, and the whole mouse is flat on top.  Put your hand on your mouse right now, assuming you don’t have an Arc mouse.  Notice that your hand isn’t resting flat on the mouse.  It’s in a curled shape.  There’s a reason your mouse is shaped like that: It’s your hand’s natural resting position.

There are much better travel mice for a lot cheaper

Here you go:  I just saved you 60 bucks.  Not only is this mouse more portable, it offers much better ergonomics.  For example, I love my Logitech M325.  It’s tiny, doesn’t cramp up my hand, and what’s more: I brought it to Israel on an international flight in my small backpack.  I promise you can bring it to your meeting one block away.

It only works with Windows 8 and up

The Surface Arc Mouse requires the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center application to work, so unless you want a bad driver-less experience, you should just go with a mouse that doesn’t need drivers.  You’ll be able to use it on any device without a hassle, and you won’t have to worry about driver problems.

It runs on Bluetooth

Not 5.0, just 4.0.  Yes, it’s still pretty good, but at least if they were going to include it, they should have included the best version of Bluetooth to date.  Even worse, having Bluetooth on a mouse severely limits the amount of devices you can use it with.  Any device without Bluetooth is done for, and buying a Bluetooth dongle to connect with a mouse is just an annoying hassle.  Logitech’s mice have a unifying receiver that is exactly the same size as a Bluetooth dongle, but it just works every time.  No pairing necessary.

It only comes in three colors

Guess who’s turning into Apple now?  Just so you know, the Logitech M325 comes in at least 20 different colors, with at least another ten patterns available.  Yes, Microsoft’s colors look nice, but unless you find one you fall in love with, you’re pretty much out of luck.

It takes two batteries

Most Logitech mice only require one AA battery, but the Surface Arc Mouse requires two AAA batteries.  That’s even more $$$ out of your pocket.

Maybe it’s pretty, maybe it’s coming from a reputable brand, but if I haven’t given you enough reasons in this article not to buy the Surface Arc Mouse, I don’t know who will.  Just go buy a Logitech M325.

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